VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship – GP1, April 2019

Boat lovers and photography buffs were treated to a spectacular boat parade on Thursday, as the participating teams made their way from the Chaudron Factory to Gillieru in preparation for the VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship GP1 of 2019, kicking off with the Official Testing yesterday at 14:00h. Pole Position for Race 1 was not held due to swells.

6 teams; Atomic & Grey #31 (Belgium), Cutting Edge #77 (Malta), Freccia Blu #11 (Malta), Marine Diffusion #55 (Corsica, France), Interceptor Remax #19 (Malta) and El Diablo #88 (Malta), woke up bright and early this morning to continue their preparation including a pilot’s briefing, giving spectators a unique opportunity to admire the hard-work and dedication of everyone involved.

This first race saw a lot of excitement and commotion as during trials, Team Cutting Edge experienced technical faults and did not start the race. Half way through the race, Team El Diablo stopped at a halt, whilst Team Interceptor Remax spinned and flipped the boat at one of the turns.

Final results for GP1 Race 1

1st place – Marine Diffusion (20 points)

2nd place – Freccia Blu (17 points)

3rd place – Atomic & Grey (15 points)

4th place – Interceptor Remax – DNF (0 points)

5th place – El Diablo – DQ (0 points)

6th place – Cutting Edge – DNS (0 points)

7th place – Lethiec – DNS (0 points)

Programme for Saturday afternoon

1545h – 1615h  Official Testing – Compulsory

1615h – 1645h Pole Position for Race 2

1700h – 1730h V2 Powerboat Championship Race 2

1800h – 1815h  Podium – V2 Race 2

Programme for tomorrow, Sunday 28th April

0930h – 1015h  Dry Pit open for public – Pilots Meet & Greet

1200h – 1230h  Official Testing

1230h – 1300h Pole Position for Race 3

1500h – 1600h  V2 Powerboat Championship Race 3

1615h – 1645h  Podium – V2 Race 3

1645h – 1715h  Podium – V2 Overall Event

programme subject to change


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Saturday, 27th April 2019